Moon Conjunct Midheaven

Moon Conjunct Midheaven Natal

Being born with the moon conjunct your midheaven, you will be drawn toward playing a lunar role in the world in which you become intently focused upon nourishing and protecting your ideas and work. You may feel fulfilled being a stay at home parent, or if not, you will feel like the creations you put out into the world are your children, doing whatever it takes to develop and nurture them fully. You may be drawn toward owning and operating your own business, and if so, you will have full emotional investment in protecting and promoting it. People will see you as someone who cares deeply about what is important to you, and your reputation will be connected with your intuitive ability to relate with the emotions of others. You may become drawn toward careers in which you are a caregiver or provide nourishment to others, such as being a nurse, teacher, cook, social worker, herbalist, or healer. You may also be drawn to roles utilizing your imagination, such as being a writer, musician, or photographer.

Moon Conjunct Midheaven Transit

On the day the moon forms a conjunction with your natal midheaven, you will do well in any fields or roles in which having empathy is a valued skill. Today, you will feel more sensitive to aspects of your life related to your public reputation, and you will feel responsive and receptive to any opportunities that emerge to enhance your stature, increase your livelihood, or make your work more effective. You may also feel like taking a risk to advance your position at work in some way, or initiate vital action toward an aspiration you feel passionate about. This is a good time to schedule activities in which you want to make a big impression on others, as you will feel energized to engage a wider audience. This can also be a good day to take stock of your goals and your current stages of progress, giving yourself space to brainstorm new possibilities and then discerning what to prioritize and what to focus less attention on.

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