Moon opposite Saturn

Moon Opposite Saturn Natal

Being born with Saturn in opposition to the moon, you have a determined personality who feels an intense need to successfully manage responsibilities and persist through barriers. From an early age you may have had a powerful authority figure in your life, whether in the form of a parent or teacher, who had high expectations for you to measure up to with your performance. As you grow up, you carry this need to be accountable to do your best with you, and while this can help you work hard to achieve your aspirations, it can also lead you to becoming overly critical of yourself. You will need to learn how to balance and mediate the tension between your inner emotional needs with your work ethic. You can also tend to be overly guarded with your feelings in relationship, perhaps fearful of losing your authority to another. As you mature and learn how to claim your inner authority, you will also feel more secure in opening up to gain greater intimacy within your relationships.

Moon Opposite Saturn Transit

On the day the moon forms an opposition to your natal Saturn, you will feel an enhanced capacity to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of your recent performance. You will not only be able to analyze your own behavior, but also how well the life structures you have put into place in your life are supporting you. You may notice elements of your life you need to shed or temper that have become too limiting. You may also feel overwhelmed by a feeling of being restricted by barriers in your life or overburdened with your responsibilities. If this occurs, make some space and time to contemplate how you can reconfigure things to be more efficient, effective, and emotionally healthy for you.  Within relationship dynamics, you may get the feeling that you need to erect clearer boundaries with others in some cases, while in other cases you may realize you have been acting too guarded and instead need to open up more.

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