Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Moon Conjunct Jupiter Natal

Being born with the moon conjunct Jupiter gives you an expansive optimism ingrained in your personality that can be infectious to others. You are someone who can inspire others with your emotional presence and support alone, and you have a knack for sensing the right thing to say at the right time to motivate others or uplift them out of a limiting perspective. You are extremely generous, sometimes to a fault, and are exemplary of the spiritual concept that the receiving is in the giving. When you give to others your time, empathy, as well as tangible assistance, you intrinsically feel good about yourself in a way that helps you become motivated to achieve greater success in your own life as well. You do need to be careful of excess in emotions and appetites, however. You need to learn how to construct and maintain boundaries so that others do not take advantage of you, and you also need to respect and honor the boundaries of others who do not want or need your help.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter Transit

When the transiting moon forms a conjunction with your natal Jupiter, you will feel an urge to connect with whatever relationships and resources you come across during your day that connect directly with your larger goals. In fact, you are more likely than normal to notice fruitful opportunities in the external world, as well as be able to listen to prompting from inner sources of guidance that intuitively steer you toward lucky breaks that open you to greater abundance. It will be worth your time today to reflect about how well the current trajectory of life aligns with the deeper vision of purpose you desire to manifest. Listen to your intuition and any internal cues pointing you to follow a direction of interest, as you will experience an enhanced capacity to notice wherever you have been out of alignment with your long term goals as well as resources in your environment that support your purpose. You are likely to feel generous and will enjoy any social occasions in which you can be a giving, supportive, and inspirational presence for others. Be careful today of becoming drawn to excess, however, as you could tend to consume or spend beyond healthy limits.

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