Moon Square Mars

Moon Square Mars Natal

Being born with Mars in a square aspect with the moon, you are someone who grabs ahold of life with powerful passions, tenaciously going after what you want to achieve. You are ambitious and you will put your all into your aspirations. At your best, you are an inspirational force who inspires others with your example of resolute perseverance. However, when things don’t go your way, when you’re feeling restrained or constricted, or refrained from feeling like you can freely express your drive, you can burn up in frustration and anger, burning others with cutting words and actions. You also need to be careful not to judge others by the internal standards of relentless drive you hold yourself responsible to. You can be an intimidating presence and can injure the people you care about when you lose control of your emotions, so do your best to cultivate strategies for calming yourself down, noticing your triggers, and removing yourself from provoking additional conflict.

Moon Square Mars Transit

When the transiting moon forms a square aspect with your natal Mars, you have the cosmic ingredients you need to put in a day of hard work and relentless perseverance in the face of obstacles. It’s a good idea to find outlets for physical exertion or passionate expression of thoughts, ideas, or effort. Otherwise, if you feel too bottled up or blocked today, you may become excessively frustrated and irritated. Be careful of getting triggered into provoking additional conflict with people who are pushing your buttons. Emotions can rapidly spiral out of control within your interactions with others if you add fuel to the fire. If you can avoid creating unnecessary conflict, the competitive fires you will feel driving you in pursuit of aspirations today can be channeled into situations in which victory over some sort of competitor is needed. You also are more likely to feel strongly compelled to make a dramatic change in your life, so before impulsively shifting directions, it would be wise to pull back enough to be able to think through the long-term consequences.

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