Moon opposite Moon

Moon Opposite Moon Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms an opposition with your natal moon, you will have an enhanced capacity for fostering self-awareness about recent experiences. Your daily interactions and conversations with others are more likely to bring up issues and feelings that lead you to discover insights about your current development and growth. Today, you may be required to work through inner tension with yourself or external conflict with others in which you feel pulled in opposite directions. This can be a potent time for self-reflection through journal writing or taking a long walk in which you can ruminate and work through any dilemmas. If you feel like you have run up against an immovable obstacle, it may be better to let things rest for now and re-engage once this temporary transit has passed. In some cases, however, it will be necessary for you to persist and resiliently work through whatever barrier is placed in front of you. Do your best to discern whether any limitations you are facing require you to work through them.