Moon Trine Ascendant

Moon Trine Ascendant Natal

Being born with the moon in a trine aspect with your ascendant, your mind and feelings are attuned to find supportive currents and times of favorable winds, as you are receptive to relationships and resources aligned with your purpose in life. Your enthusiasm for your passions and interests are contagious, and you are able to inspire others when you become fully emotionally engaged in whatever you are doing. When you are excited about an idea you want to develop or a career you want to pursue, you are willing to dive in deep, soaking up all associated writing, research, and philosophy connected with the field. As you immerse yourself in the subject matter you want to cultivate, you are also intrinsically motivated to take the necessary risks and initiate the needed changes to bring your vision into manifestation. However, you can become so caught up in pursuing your passions that the only downfall is sometimes not taking the time to step back and analyze the situation for areas of weakness or vulnerability requiring modification. When you do so, your responsive perception will enable you to notice aspects requiring greater care, nurturance, or protection.

Moon Trine Ascendant Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a trine aspect with your natal ascendant, you may feel like you have a gentle wind at your back, giving you extra momentum toward your goals. This is an excellent day to strike out and make significant progress on one of your core goals that relates to your long-term purpose and vision in life. You will feel energized and will tend to feel optimistic and positive about your circumstances, making it an excellent day to schedule activities in which you need to make a favorable impression on others. Your intuition and perception will be receptive to the emotions of others and the underlying dynamics of your encounters, helping you in not only being more effective but also being able to support and nurture others. In case you have been going through difficult and upsetting experiences recently, while you may not feel exuberant today, you nonetheless may discern an effective step to take or choice to make in remedying or resolving your present circumstance.

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