Moon Square Saturn

Moon Square Saturn Natal

Being born with the moon in a square aspect with Saturn, you have a driven and determined personality who can become relentless in pursuit of aspirations. You can be hard on yourself as well as hard on others for not measuring up to your expectations of optimal performance, and so you will need to learn how to cultivate self-acceptance as well as acceptance for the shortcomings of those you are in relationship with. You may have had a harsh authority figure in your life from an early age, whether it came in the form of a strict and overbearing parent or stern teacher who could be critical of your results. Ultimately, you have an important lesson to learn in being able to claim your own inner authority while at the same time allowing others to be able to claim their inner authority in relationship with you. As you mature and learn how to find emotional security within yourself, you will no longer act from a place of fear and anxiety and instead be able to assert yourself securely in a responsible manner.

Moon Square Saturn Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a square aspect with your natal Saturn, you may feel more burdened and overwhelmed by your various responsibilities in life than normal. You may feel more sensitive to criticism from others as you are subconsciously feeling more fragile and vulnerable about how productive you have been. In reaction, you may feel like isolating yourself from others or sealing off your inner feelings out of a defensive posture. Though you feel this may protect you, it can actually make you spiral into even more difficult emotions. Taking the risk to share your feelings and worries with someone can help you receive useful feedback and emotional support. Another aspect of this transit you may feel today is a testing of the boundaries you have erected in your life. Make the time and space to contemplate and process the current relationship dynamics in order to discern where you may need reconfigure personal boundaries to be either more open or more clearly defined.

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