Moon Sextile Neptune

Moon Sextile Neptune Natal

Being born with the moon in sextile with Neptune, you have an active imagination that gives you a creative way of interacting with life. You have big feelings and can become deeply emotionally invested within your relationships and the work that you care about. You tend to merge your personality with those you are in relationship with, or mold your personality based upon those you have looked up to as role models. You are idealistic and need to feel emotionally connected to your work in the world. You are compassionate and are willing to be of service to those in need. However, you do need to be careful of a tendency to numb or dissolve difficult emotions through over consuming food or substances, as well as engaging in escapist behavior. You can fall into an illusion about your life at times, projecting the way you wish things were rather than piercing into the actual reality. It will be important to cultivate skills in developing discernment and boundaries with others.

Moon Sextile Neptune Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a sextile aspect with Neptune, you will especially enjoy any activities in which you can engage your imagination and creativity. You may feel like laying around reading a juicy book, or simply daydreaming while eating pleasing food. Today, you will delight in luxuriating within pleasurable experiences if you are able to create the space for it. And you will also enjoy any fictional media that invites you to enter another world, becoming emotionally impacted by the story. Your emotions are sensitized and your awareness seems to have more access to your unconscious as you receive more imaginative impressions than normal. You will perform better in work when you can become emotionally involved in it, as you will feel a little bit more idealistic. If you wake up from having had a powerful dream, it is a great day to use active imagination with the dream images and see what sense of meaning and message you can receive from it.

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