Moon opposite Mercury

Moon Opposite Mercury Natal

Being born with the moon in an opposition with Mercury gives you both gifts and challenges in analyzing emotional and unconscious patterns. Over time, as you learn from life experience, you will be able to develop skills in counseling and helping those you are in a relationship with gain greater objectivity toward their feelings. However, the complexity of this natal polarity means that you can appear overly rational and disassociated from your emotional expression sometimes, while other times you can become so overly emotional that you have difficulty accurately perceiving what is happening. You have a tendency to project your inner issues into your external relationships, so it will be worth your time to develop techniques and practices for becoming aware of your own subconscious material. When life becomes dramatic and your emotions begin to feel overwhelming, you will benefit greatly from going on a hike or hitting the gym for a workout—anything to get your body moving and the emotions flowing through you to be released.

Moon Opposite Mercury Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms an opposition with your natal Mercury, your thoughts will naturally turn inward for contemplation, ruminating over whatever has been coming to pass in your life. This would be a potent day to schedule a therapy session or a get together with an intimate friend who can sustain a deep conversation with you. Your mind will also be activated today in a way that can provide a helpful spark to any writing or research projects, or mercurial crafts involving dexterous skill. In your day-to-day interactions, be wary of conflict as this transit could trigger a difficult dispute that is not necessary. It’s a good day to get things off your chest, expressing and releasing any feelings that have been building up in self-containment. Finding some way to get your emotions moving through you, whether it be through self-reflective writing or physical exertion, will bring the reward of important insight to integrate.

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