Moon Conjunct Mars

Moon Conjunct Mars Natal

Being born with the moon conjunct Mars, you are someone who can easily and impulsively act based upon feelings. You tend to act first and think later, a character trait that can be a benefit to you in many career fields and in any area of life in which you need to be direct, protective, and assertive. However, at times your propensity for jumping into the fray can lead you to do and say things that you will later regret. It will be helpful to learn how to recognize triggers to your anger so that you can develop a capacity for discerning situations in which expressing your anger is necessary versus circumstances in which it is better to walk away rather than provoke needless conflict. You are a pioneer who has the inner courage required to break away from the crowd and consensus culture to pursue an authentic path you feel passionate about. You wear your heart on your sleeve and so you need to perform work that you care deeply about.

Moon Conjunct Mars Transit

On the day the moon forms a conjunction with your natal Mars, you are likely to feel energetic and activated with a boost to act on your desires. You may feel more ambitious and willing to take a greater risk or exert greater effort toward your aspirations. In case you have been dealing with any oppressive or limiting circumstances, today you will feel supported in taking decisive and assertive action in separating yourself from the situation. You will also feel more protective than normal, which will be helpful in case any loved ones are at risk and need your support. However, you also need to be careful to not become overly defensive or take on a savior complex in a situation that would be better off for you to leave alone. The downside of this transit is that you can become hot-headed and more easily provoked to frustration and anger than normal. Keep this in mind so that you can take steps to calm yourself down or walk away from a needless conflict before you do something you will later regret.

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