Moon Sextile Venus

Moon Sextile Venus Natal

You’re someone who knows how to get along with others and make a personal connection when you need to, even if you have an introverted personality and enjoy spending time by yourself. You naturally gravitate toward mediating conflicts with others, bringing people together, and are adept at being a soothing and comforting presence for loved ones. You have an interest in music and the arts and identify strongly with the artists you admire. For example, if you enjoy the perspective of a storyteller, you will immerse yourself in their creative process by reading about their life story, deepening the impressions you receive from their work. You have an affinity for blending interests and aesthetics, and most likely have a talent for some sort of creative expression in which you can draw from the work of others who have inspired you. Due to enjoying comfort, you may need to push yourself to take risks and create change in your life at times when you notice you have become stagnant.

Moon Sextile Venus Transit

When the transiting moon forms a sextile aspect with your natal Venus you will have a subtle sense of being uplifted in your daily interactions with others. This is a great day to reach out to someone you have been wanting to see to do something fun together, or to plan any activities that involve romance, pleasure, or creativity. You generally feel good today, with an ease at being able to sense and communicate your emotions. Although you may feel like staying home and relaxing, it’s also an ideal day to get out into your local community and do something active that could lead to you making new friends or finding new supportive local resources. You will also feel rewarded by engaging in some sort of creative process, whether that involves immersing yourself in an artistic process or instead baking or cooking your favorite foods that will feel comforting to eat.

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