Moon Square Venus

Moon Square Venus Natal

Being born with the moon in a square aspect with Venus means that you are someone whose relationships will be a driving force of change in your life. Though you are capable of cultivating stability in your material circumstances, sometimes a change in your desire for whomever you are in a relationship with will indicate you are entering a process of change in which numerous aspects of your life will become transformed. Though letting go of old attachments and having to release the comfort of keeping things the way they have been can feel difficult and upsetting, in the end, you are more likely to choose to follow whatever change in heart is occurring for you and leave the old for the new. You have an openness and curiosity willing to explore newly emerging interests, and can at times become extremely fascinated, even obsessed, with pursuing whatever is holding essential value for you.

Moon Square Venus Transit

When the transiting moon forms a square aspect with your natal Venus, you are more likely to sense and feel changes that have been brewing under the surface. You may become aware of new desires emerging into your awareness, whether that be in a relationship, your tastes and aesthetics, or the underlying values you live from. This is only a brief, temporary transit that will only feel like passing fancies and feelings unless you take the time to contemplate and self-reflect on any that feel particularly insightful. Your desires will feel activated today making it a good time to do something socially active, such as going out on a date or having a night out with friends. Today, you may also come into conflict within your relationships, and the changing state of your feelings could be part of the reason. Within relationship disagreements, make sure to listen closely to what the other person is really saying rather than having your emotions distort your perception.

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