Moon Trine Mercury

Moon Trine Mercury Natal

Being born with the moon forming a trine aspect with Mercury gives you skill in communication and impressing others with your words and relating skills. You may have a strength in writing, speaking, music, counseling, teaching, negotiating, or other crafts that give you opportunities to combine your emotional intelligence with your aptitude in language.  You have the proverbial gift of gab that allows you to talk your way out of difficult situations as well as make a strong impression within your relationships through an ability to clearly and directly communicate your ideas and feelings. You can be an effective listener who can both, self-reflect on your own emotional process, as well as help others sift through their own emotional experiences to glean insight. Due to your ability to achieve success through your communication style, you may develop a tendency to stay in a comfort zone rather than breaking out to explore new avenues of expression. This means that you are at your best when you remain curious and questioning, willing to take the risk to change directions, and investigate new areas of interest.

Moon Trine Mercury Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a trine aspect with your natal Mercury it’s a good time for dialogue with others as well as self-reflection on your own, as you have an opportunity to integrate insights about your current circumstances. This can be a nice day to meet a friend out for a bite or a drink, giving you the chance to talk about whatever has been happening, as you will have an easier time than normal talking about your feelings. It can also be a powerful day to make time for journal writing or contemplating life while taking a walk, anything that will help you collect your thoughts about your life. Not only will you be able to receive a clear sense of how you are truly feeling today, but you will also be able to gain clarity for the underlying issues underneath your emotions. This is a good day to schedule a public presentation or any other event in which you desire to make a good impression on an audience.

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