Moon Sextile Midheaven

Moon Sextile Midheaven Natal

Being born with the moon in a sextile aspect with your natal midheaven, you are someone who needs to feel emotional investment in the work you do in the world. When you feel passionate about the work you are doing, your intuition will be alert and receptive to relationships and resources that will enhance your endeavors. You may be able to get by in jobs you do for the money that you do not feel emotionally connected with, but you are unlikely to excel like you will when you deeply care about your work. Your nurturing side comes out in the roles you take on in the world, and you will thrive doing work in which you can utilize your empathy to nourish, support, and protect others in some way. You will benefit from having a role model or mentor you can identify with and learn from who possesses qualities you admire in your career field of interest. By forming a relationship with them, you will be able to receive insights you can integrate more effectively than trying to learn on your own.

Moon Sextile Midheaven Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a sextile aspect with your natal midheaven, you may receive a new idea regarding your work in the world, discover a resource that will be supportive, or have a yearning for new aspiration arise from within. This is a good day to take a step forward and initiate momentum in whatever you have been working on, as you will feel emotionally connected with your work. Not only will you feel more receptive and responsive toward opportunities to enhance your career pursuits, you are also more likely than normal to be able to make a favorable impression on others today. People will tend to see your positive qualities and characteristics in your workplace, and you may experience an event that ends up boosting your public reputation in some way. You may also find it easier to collaborate and work effectively with others. Your intuition will be alert today regarding how to find common ground with co-workers that will enable you to figure out how to combine your skills effectively toward a shared goal.

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