Moon opposite Venus

Moon Opposite Venus Natal

  Being born with the moon in opposition with Venus, you are someone who navigates a tension between your inner emotional experience with your external relationships. You may feel like your sensual needs are at odds with your emotions at times, but when you find a balance between your emotional expression and values, you will be able to nurture and cultivate harmonious relationships. It will be important for you to develop skills in self-reflection and contemplation, such as through journaling, meditation, or therapeutic modalities. By increasing your ability to explore your inner life, you will learn how to become aware of the way you project your feelings into your external relationships. Otherwise, you are susceptible to having your emotions distort your perceptions within the relationship so that you are not aware of the other person’s intentions. As you develop your skills in self-analysis, you will also gain the capacity to become an insightful counselor or mentor for others, capable of helping them uncover their own emotional projections within relationships.

Moon Opposite Venus Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms an opposition with your natal Venus, you will strongly feel the emotional undercurrents of your relationships. Anywhere you have been neglecting to notice relational dynamics that have been out of balance will become noticeable. If you feel the need to talk with a partner regarding your emotional needs not being met, make sure to do so in a way in which you are having a dialogue rather than you becoming one-sided in making accusations against the other. Today, you have the opportunity to get a glimpse into how your inner feelings are becoming projected into your relationships, and so listening to the feedback from others about your own behavior will help you gain clarity. This can also feel like an energetic activation that incites your desire for relating, and so in addition to using it for self-reflection, it can also provide the impetus for making social plans with others.

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