Moon Conjunct Pluto

Moon Conjunct Pluto Natal

If you were born with the moon conjunct Pluto, your intense emotional nature penetrates the inner motivation of not only yourself but also those you form relationships with. You can have incredible determination and focus in pursuit your goals, with an ability to influence key people and resources to support you when needed. Be careful of not becoming overly manipulative of others, however, as it can eventually backfire by the other person rebelling against your attempts to secure a relationship with them. In addition, it will be important to find ways to cope with your emotions when your expectations are not met. When things do not go your way, you can become so upset that it harms your relationships. Your gift as well as your challenge is your potent access to subconscious material, as you can project unconscious expectations into your relationships that lead to anger when they are not met. As you increase your self-awareness and inner security, your strong emotions will make you an empowered personality who inspires others.

Moon Conjunct Pluto Transit

On the day the transiting moon conjuncts your natal Pluto, you may have your emotions deeply stirred by an intense encounter that brings deep rooted issues to the surface. If you find yourself feeling compulsive about a certain issue, the activation of your Pluto by the moon will facilitate penetrating under the surface into the inner motivations and desires underlying the obsession. Issues around jealousy may come up in unexpected ways, making you aware of being possessive about something or someone to a greater extent than you realized. Though the feelings that arise can be upsetting, by letting yourself express them you can bring about a purging of old, stuck issues needing to be released. Be careful that you do not react to events today in an overly controlling or manipulative way that will cause damage within your relationships. Do your best to nurture any insecurities that come up, as maintaining your inner security will help you respond in a more empowering way that addresses whatever is going on without your fears distorting your behavior.

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