Moon Sextile Jupiter

Moon Sextile Jupiter Natal

Being born with the moon in a sextile relationship with Jupiter, you are naturally generous and able to smoothly express your feelings and thoughts to close company. You often look for ways to support others and are optimistic about your own capacity for achieving aspirations, but you prefer to take a measured approach instead of throwing caution to the wind with grand, excessive gestures. You can find something hopeful to aim towards even in the most difficult of circumstances, and you are also able to identify supportive resources and relationships in your environment that can help lift you out of or overcome a challenging situation. While you do want to avoid taking a leap toward a large goal without preparation and support, sometimes you will benefit from applying your positive thinking and resourceful nature toward higher aspirations and a more expansive vision of what you can achieve. You’re able to accomplish more than you sometimes believe is possible, and your expansive nature is often able to overcome the barriers you fear are blocking you.

Moon Sextile Jupiter Transit

When the transiting moon forms a sextile aspect with your natal Jupiter, you will experience a subtle uplifting feeling of increased inspiration. You will feel a moderate increase in your tendency to say “yes” to opportunities today, but not so extreme that you are likely to take on more than you can handle. This can be a good day to brainstorm new ways of working toward your goals and aspirations, being willing to consider connecting with available resources you previously have not formed a relationship with. Figure out what smaller steps are available for you to work on accomplishing today that lead directly to your larger vision of the life you want to create. You will feel more comfortable taking on more manageable tasks than anything feeling too far out of reach. You are also more likely to feel generous than normal and interested in being of service to those you identify with or share an emotional connection, making this a good time to be socially active and plan a fun activity with friends or loved ones.

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