Moon Conjunct Ascendant

Moon Conjunct Ascendant Natal

Being born with the moon conjunct your ascendant gives you a strong emotional presence that can make your feelings palpable to others. You are emotionally responsive to your environment, aware of both your own inner emotional dynamics as well as the feelings of others. You can be sociable and friendly, but at first, you may tend to be cautious until you feel safe, accepted, and trusting within the relationship. You can be highly sensitive to not only the emotions around you but also the sounds, colors, space, and other environmental aspects. You identify with being nurturing, protective, or caring in some way and may gravitate toward roles in the world that give you the opportunity to heal, defend, or take care of others. You tend toward being highly subjective and reactive when your emotions become triggered. As a result, it will be helpful to cultivate practices that help you gain some clarity and objectivity regarding your emotional dynamics.

Moon Conjunct Ascendant Transit

On the day the moon conjuncts your ascendant, you will be able to gain a clear sense of the current state of your emotions. Your feelings will be heightened for better or worse, and you are more likely to become aware of significant issues that for some reason had previously escaped your notice. Due to your emotions being more charged today, you may become involved in pivotal dialogues within your relationships in which you feel moved to express emotional needs that have not been met. You will also tend to be more reactive than normal to stimuli in your environment and very subjective in the way you respond. If things have been going well for you, in general, you are likely to feel energized by this transit, making it a good day to take advantage of any opportunities to pursue your purpose in life. The uplifting feeling that can come with this transit also makes it a good time to schedule a fun social activity with friends or a romantic date with an intimate partner.

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