Moon Sextile Sun

Moon Sextile Sun Natal

Having the moon sextile the sun in your natal chart indicates an easy exchange between your feelings and intellect. In a positive sense, you are aware of your emotions, giving you the capacity to change course and make new choices as you notice a corresponding change in feeling. You can bring coherence to changing circumstances, integrating an essential new meaning to center yourself around. Sometimes you will yearn for a new vision for your life while at the same time doubting the likelihood of manifesting it due to a lack of resources or perceived limitations. While it is important to be realistic about new life directions, it is even more important to not restrict yourself from following a path that can bring you greater happiness. During times of doubt, use your keen awareness to notice the assistance already present in your life and take the initiative to engage the support of available resources. Because you can easily sense your feelings, it’s also important to have discernment and not allow your emotions to override your ability to make clear choices.

Moon Sextile Sun Transit

On the day that the moon forms a sextile to your natal sun, you have easier access to feelings and thoughts that previously may have been hidden from your conscious awareness. This is an excellent day for meditation, reflection, journaling, or any other practice that helps you bring emotions to the surface. With increased awareness of your changing feelings, let yourself open to new possibilities and potentials that you previously had not been considering. There may be a new opportunity available to support you that you had not noticed before. If you are undergoing a challenging experience, it’s also more likely that more difficult feelings may overwhelm you. If this occurs, allow the emotions to pass through you, giving yourself space and time you need to process them. It can be an excellent day to reach out to someone who will listen to you with care and attention.

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