Moon Trine Neptune

Moon Trine Neptune Natal

Being born with the moon in a trine aspect with Neptune, you are someone who has big dreams combined with a belief in your ability to bring your inner visions into reality. You have an active imagination you combine with the attitude of “If there is a will, there is a way.” You are able to receive deep emotional impressions from your environment that help you connect emotionally with others. Due to your empathy, the people you interact with feel that you really get them, increasing your capacity for being able to successfully collaborate with others and form supportive friendships. However, your idealistic nature tends to see the best in people, and you will need to be careful at times that you are not overidealizing others. You enjoy meditative practices that help you access alternates states of perception and dissolve addictive attachments. And you also able to integrate the subconscious awareness you receive in a way that can inform your work in the world.

Moon Trine Neptune Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a trine aspect with your Neptune, you will enjoy bringing an air of imagination to whatever you are doing. This is a good day to make space in your day to explore your creativity and express the impressions you receive from fantasy. You can become more emotionally invested and receptive to imaginal worlds created in books, films, video games, or any other media. This is an ideal day to plan relaxing, pleasurable experiences in which you can luxuriate in your senses, soaking up your inner feelings. If you are in a romantic relationship, this is an opportune day to plan a romantic meal or date, as you will feeling more loving and compassionate than normal and will want to be affectionate with others. One thing to be careful of is that you can be feeling so good in your own world today, you may end up finding yourself lost in an illusion at a time in which you need to actually pierce into what is actually happening in your reality. You may wake up in a few days and realize the illusory aspects of something you became excited about while this transit was happening.

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