Moon Conjunct Mercury

Moon Conjunct Mercury Natal

Being born with the moon conjunct Mercury gives you an aptitude with language and communication in one way or another. Your mind moves quickly and can appear effortless in making connections between a variety of sources and observations. You are curious and eager to learn new information or gain access to new perspectives and enjoy being in the center of activity where you have an outlet for your busy mind. Part of your skill in communication revolves around your ability to empathize with whomever you are interacting with, discerning ways to find common ground so that you can sympathize with one another. You are likely to be passionate about your ideas and when you become overwhelmed with your emotions, making it difficult for you to effectively communicate and listen to others. At times, you will need to get away from social interactions to get time for yourself to re-center and purify your mind from whatever you emotionally picked up from others.

Moon Conjunct Mercury Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a conjunction with your natal Mercury, your mental activity will be stimulated, making it an excellent time to engage in writing projects in general, but it’s a potent time for self-reflective journaling. Your mind will be keenly attuned to the emotional atmosphere today, enabling you to integrate insights about recent experiences and current circumstances. Your communication and conversations with others will be more emotionally charged, which can be helpful or harmful depending upon what’s happening in your life. If things have been going well, you will feel especially inspired and willing to verbally assert your desires and intentions clearly and convincingly to others. However, in case you have been feeling overwhelmed by emotions to such an extent, it clouds your ability to communicate or listen, it may be better to avoid important conversations if they can wait for another day.

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