Moon Trine Sun

Moon Trine Sun Natal

Having your moon in a trine aspect with your sun brings an easy flow between your feelings and the way you direct your energy toward a central purpose. Your emotional nature feeds smoothly into your work in the world and you can readily draw upon your imagination to find solutions and inspiration in your endeavors. You may need to be careful at times to not get too carried away with yourself and allow your enthusiasm to override others in your environment. Because of the harmony between your sun and moon, there is a smooth circulation between your intuitive impression of what to do and your capacity for claiming the authority for bringing it about. While having this harmonizing trine between the two luminaries indicates some sort of talent that can bring you public accomplishment, it can also be a source of protection and nurturance you provide to others. You can be a stabilizing presence to others you are in a relationship with when you make space for listening to their needs and responding with empathy.

Moon Trine Sun Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a trine to your natal sun, you may notice a greater sense of flow in life direction. This is a great day for allowing yourself to ride the currents of change rather than trying to struggle against the current. However, you will need to act to seize opportunities and make the most of the potential available to you. Look around for new opportunities emerging that can expand your learning and growth as well as deepen your understanding. There will also likely be opportunities for conversations and encounters in a relationship that will fulfill an emotional need or nurture important growth within you. This is a good day to reach out to supportive friends if you need to vent or share feelings, as well as a lovely day to do something special for a loved one to show your appreciation for them.

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