Moon Trine Venus

Moon Trine Venus Natal

Being born with the moon in a trine aspect with Venus, you are someone who understands how to attract your desires into your life as well as nurture whatever or whomever you love. You experience an easy flow between your emotional expression and your ability to identify and form a caring relationship with whatever you find attractive or valuable. Embrace your talent for nurturing and harmonizing with the emotional needs of others, for you will be able to be successful in anything that draws on this strength of yours. Maintaining your relationships is an important aspect of your life that gives you a feeling of stability, and you are valued by your friends for your ability to be a supportive and enlivening presence in their life. You have a strong sense of style and aesthetics and can harmonize the way you present yourself to the world with your inner emotional and imaginal life. This helps you attract relationships and opportunities that align with your inner values.

Moon Trine Venus Transit

When the transiting moon forms a trine aspect with your natal Venus, you will feel like you are in your element and flowing with the tides of life. This is a good day to network with others, reaching out to peers and superiors who share your interests and can support your livelihood. You will feel like your emotions are flowing through you today in your interactions with others, and the people you converse with will likely get a strong sense of the current state of your emotions. In case you have been having difficult experiences recently, you may feel a release of emotive grief that helps you purge and heal. Otherwise, if your life has been going relatively well you will most likely feel good in such a way that you will be able to make a positive impression on others. This is also a good day to schedule any events or activities in which you need to relate with others in a supportive, uplifting, or inspirational way.

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