Moon Square Pluto

Moon Square Pluto Natal

Being born with your moon in a square aspect with Pluto, you have an intense emotional nature that can may appear hidden under the surface until it erupts from within. Your powerful determination can cause power struggles with others that will lead you to question when it’s best for you to resolutely push forward and when it’s best to mediate a compromise. You will need to come to terms with how you react when events do not live up to your expectations, as the anger you feel when things do not go your way can cause damage within your relationships. By learning how to be patient and allow some events to unfold without your control, you will realize how to make your single-minded resolution helpful in seizing opportunities instead of it creating conflict by trying to force things to happen. When events force you to tear down the life structures you have built, the emotional catharsis you experience will help you purge what needs to be released and claim the inner authority needed to rebuild and regenerate.

Moon Square Pluto Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a square to your natal Pluto, you may experience an emotional catharsis that enables you to purge an old emotional issue. Interactions with others today can also trigger deep complexes within you that force hidden material from your subconscious into your awareness. If difficult feelings rise to the surface, do your best to find a nurturing space to express them as you will not only be able to experience a regenerative release, you will also gain understanding for inner emotional dynamics you had not been aware of. If events are going well for you today, you may feel a spur to your inner drive making you more determined than normal in pursuing your goals and desires. You may also gain insight into how to prioritize the goals you want to focus on the most, as you realize what is truly most important to you at this time.

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