Moon opposite Midheaven

Moon Opposite Midheaven Natal

Being born with the moon in an opposition with your natal midheaven, you will have a strong family influence regarding your vocational path and identity in the world. You likely had key events and experiences in your childhood development that have motivated you to focus on certain aspirations or roles in the world to perform. You have powerful inner emotions and will require time to process your feelings alone, or at other times space away from your work environment to emotionally connect with family and loved ones. There are lessons for you to learn in terms of developing inner security, but as you gain awareness and acceptance of your feelings, your emotional intelligence can become a powerful support for yourself in your work in the world. When you are intrinsically motivated to do something, you can be an inspiring, nurturing, and protective presence to others. However, when you are not internally driven to do work, you will have to find ways to motivate yourself because you otherwise may feel like withdrawing. During times of emotional discord, you will need to figure out ways to nurture yourself so that your emotional upheaval does not negatively impact your reputation and work in the world.

Moon Opposite Midheaven Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms an opposition to your natal midheaven, you may feel like you need to take some space from your workplace or roles in the world in order to process your inner feelings. Instead of needing to fit in or accommodate yourself with the emotional climate of a workplace or other external environment, there is rich potential today for getting in touch with your genuine feelings. You may have significant interactions with family members or insightful realizations about not only family but also into your childhood. This can be a powerful day for meditation, contemplation, or exploration of inner emotional patterns through journaling or dialogue. Though you may have issues come up today making you want to pull away from external work in the world, by gaining greater self-awareness and acceptance, you will ultimately be able to pursue your aspirations with greater inner security and authority. Today, you will gravitate toward the company of those you are close with who you will be able to express your authentic feelings with.

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