Moon Trine Mars

Moon Trine Mars Natal

Having the moon in a trine aspect with Mars in your natal chart means you are someone who has the necessary inner drive and determination to steer your life in the direction of your aspirations. You are capable of breaking new ground and breaking through barriers in your work when you’re at your best. You aim to protect and nurture loved ones, devising ways to gather the resources needed to provide for the needs of those you care about. You are also able to separate yourself from relationships that are not aligned with your authenticity and interests. There’s a direct flow between your emotions and your driving will force, which is a great benefit to your endeavors when you are feeling good about yourself and your circumstances. However, sometimes you can get carried away with yourself, getting swept up in the excitement of the moment that leads you to take on more than you can handle or react too impulsively for your own good. When you to take decisive action in a direction aligned with both your feelings and best interests, you draw from your strength and can take on great challenges.

Moon Trine Mars Transit

When the transiting moon forms a trine aspect with your natal Mars, you are more likely to feel the emotional support within your environment to take on whatever challenges the day brings. This is a good day to take a risk to exert yourself in a new direction or experiment with different ways of solving problems and doing things. You will feel motivated to accomplish anything you direct your attention to on your to-do list, but you may instead feel a spontaneous desire to initiate new work you had not planned or separate yourself from your normal routine by taking off on an adventurous day trip somewhere exciting. It’s an ideal transit to make space to explore whatever you feel creatively passionate about, whether that means playing music or conducting new ways of engaging in artistic expression, as you may come up with new ideas breaking you out of old ways of doing things. You will especially benefit from making time for physical exertion, whether that means working out in the gym, playing competitive sports, or going for a brisk hike in nature.

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