Moon Sextile Saturn

Moon Sextile Saturn Natal

If you were born with the moon in a sextile aspect with Saturn, you are someone who is able to patiently work toward your long-term goals without become overly frustrated and irritated by not getting immediate results. You identify with those who have been able to rise above their circumstances through hard work and disciplined effort, and you seek out role models to learn from who exhibit a willingness to put in long hours of practice and effort to achieve mastery over an area of life. You can show support for your relationships through helping them in a practical, tangible way such as cooking them a meal or helping them make a needed home repair. You can be no nonsense in your approach to collaborating with others, working best with those you feel you can count on to be accountable for their contribution. You have a good sense of boundaries and when others have crossed the line with you emotionally, you are able to claim the inner authority to appropriately handle the dynamic so you are not continued to be hurt.

Moon Sextile Saturn Transit

When the transiting moon forms a sextile aspect with your natal Saturn, you may feel a subtle shift in being able to more effectively focus on whatever aspects of the structures and foundations supporting your life need attention. Today, it will feel easier to work with a disciplined, patient pace toward your daily responsibilities. If there are aspects of your life that have been causing you fear or anxiety recently, today is also a good day to scan your environment for supportive resources and relationships you can connect with that will help you feel more secure about your current circumstances. This is a good day to use for contemplation about your current progress toward your goals in life, assessing areas you need to focus on more as well as less with your available time and space. You may also realize that you need to spend less time on worldly ambitions and more time on tending to your inner emotional needs instead.

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