Moon opposite Pluto

Moon Opposite Pluto Natal

If you were born with the moon in opposition with Pluto, your relationships and the emotional dynamics they stir up within you will continually force you to experience pivotal lessons about yourself that fertilize evolutions in growth. You have intense emotions that are tapped into hidden, unconscious currents that will periodically rise to the surface and demand your attention. It will be important for you to learn how to cultivate some objectivity regarding your emotions and inner compulsions. Otherwise, you can project unconscious content into your relationships in such a way that you create expectations you are not consciously aware of, becoming upset when these hidden expectations are not met. At critical junctures in your life, it will be necessary to go through intense emotional experiences that produce a deep cathartic clearing and purging of old emotional issues you are ready to move on from. As you become more secure within yourself and less dependent on validation from others, you will develop a resilient, empowered ability to pursue your goals without becoming debilitated by negative emotions when things don’t go your way.

Moon Opposite Pluto Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms an opposition with your natal Pluto, you may have some deep emotional patterns triggered and revealed. An emotional purging can occur today that can feel like old wounds being pulled out from their roots inside you. If difficult feelings come up, do whatever is necessary to give yourself the space to grieve, release your emotions, and nurture your inner vulnerabilities. The catharsis you feel now can bring about a necessary shedding of decaying material that clears ground for you to plant seeds of the new growth you want to cultivate. Another issue that can come up is power struggles with others, so be careful of not becoming manipulated by them or attempting to force control over another to achieve some sort of power play. If you do encounter a power struggle today, you may realize that the person you conflict with represents an essential quality you want to develop from within yourself. If so, by reflecting upon the underlying emotional dynamics you may realize an important insight about your current process of growth.

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