Moon opposite Sun

Moon Opposite Sun Natal

If you were born with your moon in opposition to your sun, it means that you were born around the time of a full moon. The fullness of the moon’s light on the day of your birth symbolizes the importance of an ideal life purpose, relationship, or belief system you wish to manifest. This moon-sun opposition also reflects a thematic polarity of “self versus the other” that indicates relating with others will be a continual source of learning for you. Relationships and the feedback they provide bring needed objectivity to you and help in clarifying your life purpose. It will be important for you to learn to integrate your own inner tensions so as not to project your own issues into your relationships. Like the tidal force of a full moon, when your emotional expression is unleashed, it can be so powerful that it can dramatically impact those around you. Ideally, this tension between your inner sun and inner moon can help you discover a larger context or greater cause to express.

Moon Opposite Sun Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms an opposition to your natal sun, you are likely to be faced with circumstances and adversity that helps to bring objectivity to whatever subjective pursuits you have been engaged with. It is more likely than normal to run up against a restriction, a boundary, or a setback that will lead you to question the current direction you have been taking and consider alternate ways of approaching the issue. This is a good day for taking the time to reflect upon and analyze whatever feels challenging or is causing difficulties. There may be an important tension underlying the challenge that reflects an aspect of an internal tension you have been wrestling with. See if you can increase your understanding of the situation rather than trying to force an issue or expand into new territory where you are meeting resistance. Working through the issue and using the lesson learned to make modifications will ultimately bring increased strength and effectiveness. Within relationships, it will be important to take the time to listen to others even if you strongly disagree with their opinion and perspective.

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