Moon Square Ascendant

Moon Square Ascendant Natal

Being born with your moon in a square aspect with your ascendant means you are drawn toward roles in life in which you are able to be protective or nurturing of others. You will need to find a balance in your life between your work in the outer world with the inner life you cultivate at home, as the same care you give to loved ones you are also able to express in your career and workplace. Your emotional needs and feelings can dominate your personality at times, and you tend to place a great deal of importance on doing whatever it takes for you to feel secure as well as sustain security and stability for those you care about. You will benefit greatly from creating consistent routines for physical exertion and exercise, as working out and getting your body moving will help you release emotions, including feelings of anxiety when you are feeling stressed. As you grow up, developing inner security will be paramount, as your insecurities make it difficult for you to make grounded decisions.

Moon Square Ascendant Transit

On the day the moon forms a square aspect to your ascendant, you will feel emotionally activated and spurred to engage with changing currents in your life. You may feel more open to initiating change today, or you may have to accept changing circumstances whether you like it or not. This is a good day to seize opportunities and find outlets for expressing your energy and feelings in ways aligned with your purpose and whatever you want to create. You are likely to feel especially subjective with big feelings, and so if you end up in a conflict with someone, keep in mind you may emotionally distort things with your perception. Due to feeling energized, you can have a lot of fun in social activities with friends, especially ones in which you can be physically active. Your mind will also feel activated, making it a good day to exert effort in any research or intellectual activities.

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