Moon opposite Jupiter

Moon Opposite Jupiter Natal

Being born with the moon in opposition to Jupiter, you are someone who needs to feel emotionally invested in daily activities that align with your larger vision of what you find meaningful. You will find it difficult to perform work merely for material reasons, and so you will need to find a way to support yourself with work you believe in and routines that align with your underlying philosophy. You are willing to take ambitious risks in bringing your inner visions to reality, but you need to make sure you are being realistic in having enough time, preparation, and support to achieve desired results. Though you are more than capable of believing in your ability to create a meaningful life, when your emotions become overwhelming at times, you can fall prey to disbelief causing you to refrain from taking necessary action. As a result, you will need coping strategies when experiencing difficult emotions so they do not cause you to miss opportunities for pursuing your purpose.

Moon Opposite Jupiter Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms an opposition with your natal Jupiter, you may experience encounters within your relationships that lead you to reflect upon the underlying beliefs behind your aspirations. If anything, today makes you question the vision of your life you have been maintaining or any philosophies you have been ascribing to. Try to make the time to contemplate the deeper ramifications as something small could spark a larger insight. In case difficult experiences cause you to become upset or overwhelmed by your emotions, be careful of overspending on purchases or excessively consuming substances in an attempt to cope or distract yourself. It’s a good day for making a conscious effort to maintain your personal boundaries so you are less likely to overindulge or over give. Finally, this transit today could also coincide with an unexpected opportunity to seize that will provide a boon to your deeper purpose in life, so be on the lookout for favorable winds to catch sail with.

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