Moon Sextile Mars

Moon Sextile Mars Natal

Being born with the moon in a sextile aspect with Mars, you are comfortable taking determined initiative toward your goals. However, sometimes you prefer to play it safe and rather than pursue your highest aspirations focus instead on smaller, more manageable objectives. Keep this in mind because although it can help you be successful, sometimes you may be limiting yourself from breaking out into a larger sphere of operation with more expansive aims. When you are intrinsically motivated about the work you are performing, your inner emotions can fuel you to resiliently persist through obstacles and challenges. You can collaborate with others as well as effectively identify resources in your community that can support your endeavors, so it will always be worth your time to reach out for support when you feel you are coming up against a barrier or lacking in needed help. Since you greatly benefit from feeling passionate about your work, exposing yourself to inspirational music, media, or other forms of motivation will help get you fired up to sustain perseverance.

Moon Sextile Mars Transit

When the transiting moon forms a sextile aspect with your natal Mars, you will feel a subtle uplifting quality between your feelings and action. This is a good day to create extra time in your schedule to focus effort on objectives that strongly impact your long-term goals. Unless you have been going through upsetting experiences recently, you will tend to feel positively motivated and more open than normal to working well with others. As a result, this can be a good time to collaborate with others who have resources to share with you that enhance your skills. You may feel inspired to be more adventurous today, such as taking a day trip somewhere fun, or planning a hike or sporting event in which you can be physically active while interacting or competing with others. Your competitive drive is likely to be stoked, so do your best to put yourself in situations that will be enhanced by your competitiveness rather than letting it create unnecessary conflict with others.

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