Moon Sextile Pluto

Moon Sextile Pluto Natal

If you were born with the moon in a sextile aspect with your natal Pluto, you are in touch with your deepest desires in a way that allows you to integrate them into your daily life rather than repressing or resisting them. You are at your best when you follow your passions with determination even when the odds seem stacked against you, as you will discover that you have a resilient perception that can find the support you need to work through whatever barriers get in your way. Not only do you have a talent for probing into your own feelings, you are also able to penetrate the inner motivation and emotional dynamics of the people you are in relationship with. You are able to hear the emotions underlying the words spoken by your relations, as well as gather insights from the silence of whatever has not been yet expressed. As a result, you can be a supportive and empowering friend or mentor who is able to focus on helping others shore up their innermost vulnerabilities.

Moon Sextile Pluto Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a sextile aspect with your natal Pluto, you will sense a deeper layer of feelings, with more access to unconscious messages than normal. Today you can benefit from making time to self-reflect in journal writing or by sharing an intimate conversation in which you are able to express your emotions freely. When you feel and express your emotions today, you will be able to penetrate into their underlying dynamics, realizing some of the root causes and old issues influencing your current state. If you can schedule some sort of soothing, healing bodywork such as massage, you will be especially receptive to intuitive insights from your body. You may feel an intensification of desire and determination, making it a great day for taking assertive action toward your most important goals. Even if you become upset or frustrated by obstacles or events not going the way you had expected, important factors involved in your inner motivation and drive can be revealed to you.

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