Moon Square Midheaven

Moon Square Midheaven Natal

Being born with the moon in a square aspect with your midheaven, you are drawn to work you deeply care about and that gives you opportunities for being nurturing and supportive through your work. When you are emotionally invested in your work, you are someone who can resiliently persist through obstacles and is willing to push ahead with dedication toward your goals. You will feel very protective of whatever you create with your work, whether you run your own business or work in a support role to superiors. No matter your position, you will have an intense focus on nourishing and cultivating the development of whatever you are working on. The intrinsic drive and determination you feel about your work will be the key to you being able to make a positive impression on others and enhance your public reputation. You will need to cultivate balance in not becoming excessively consumed with career pursuits to the extent that it pulls you away from developing emotional connection in your personal relationships.

Moon Square Midheaven Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a square aspect with your midheaven, you may have to deal with sudden changes within your workplace or within a public role you play in the greater community. The changes felt today may significant or minor, and could feel either positive or negative at first. The main factor is that your vocational pursuits will be more energetically charged, and you will likely need to respond to shifting dynamics in one way or another. Another way this transit can manifest today is in the way that your current emotional experiences and processing is impacting your work and reputation. In case you have been having difficult experiences that have led to some overwhelming emotions that are difficult to handle, you will need to do your best to manage them so that they do not negatively impact your work in the world. In contrast, if you have been feeling good, your emotions can provide an uplifting and inspirational influence on your work, and your enthusiasm can be contagious for those you work with.

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