Moon opposite Neptune

Moon Opposite Neptune Natal

Being born with the moon opposite Neptune, you have the gift of a powerful imagination yet at times can have your perception clouded by illusory beliefs about what is happening in your actual reality. It will be helpful to develop practices such as meditation that can help you clear your mind and clarify your awareness. However, your idealistic sensibilities and ability to receive impressions from your unconscious and fantasy are gifts for you to nourish so that you can give birth to creations you nurture from within your inner imaginal realm. You will benefit from making time in your daily schedule for getting away from external responsibilities to explore and express inner visions. In addition to having some sort of special talent for imaginative creative work, you also have immense compassion for those facing difficulties in life who need support. Your strong capacity for empathy can be a great aid to you in social service or any work in which working toward social change to help those in need.

Moon Opposite Neptune Transit

On the day when the transiting moon forms an opposition to your natal Neptune, you will experience a temporary activation of imagination and subconscious sensations. If you wake up from a powerful dream this morning, you could receive insightful impressions from writing in a dream journal or using activation imagination with images from the dream. You may have a harder time today meeting deadlines and getting to appointments on time as you will have more interest in distracting yourself with whatever captures the interest of your imagination. As a result, it’s a good idea to place extra focus on making sure you are meeting the timelines of your responsibilities. You can also become especially immersed in any spiritual practices, and you may have feelings of compassion and unconditional love wave over you. In the case these inner realms become too intense, it might be better to take a break from the external world in order to nourish yourself.

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