Moon Conjunct Saturn

Moon Conjunct Saturn Natal

Being born with the moon conjoining Saturn gives you an emotional investment in working hard and making steady progress toward your goals. For you, it’s important to be able to support yourself, and you feel more emotionally secure when you can create and sustain structures that support not only yourself but those you care for. Though you have the inner strength to endure through difficult setbacks without losing focus of the longer-term goals you are working toward, you may have difficulty opening up within the sphere of your intimate relationships. You may have a fear of becoming emotionally vulnerable and then losing your sense of inner authority with others in your relationships, sometimes causing you to seal your deeper feelings and needs off from your personal relationships. As a result, it will be important to cultivate your inner security and willingness to share your inner feelings with people you can trust. In contrast, when it comes to your work environment, you can adjust easily to the atmosphere of maintaining professional boundaries and conforming to the behavioral norms of the workplace.

Moon Conjunct Saturn Transit

When the transiting moon forms a conjunction with your natal Saturn, whatever barriers and boundaries you have constructed within your relationships will be brought up to your emotional awareness. If you have sealed yourself off to such an extent that you have become somewhat isolated, you will feel your loneliness in such a way that it can inspire you to reach out more to others for social interaction. The trick is that though you may become more aware of how you have become too guarded with others, you still need to actually make the effort to open up and risk sharing your feelings with others. Another way you can feel this transit today is through becoming emotionally invested in hard work and applying yourself diligently to managing important responsibilities. This can also be a good time to assess how you are feeling about your current goals and aspirations, assessing any changes you need to make in order to feel more intrinsically motivated to achieve results.

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