Moon Conjunct Neptune

Moon Conjunct Neptune Natal

Being born with the moon conjunct Neptune, you have a dreamy, sensitive, and imaginative mind capable at its best of unconditional love and devotion. If you are drawn toward spirituality, you can receive epiphanies, but regardless of what belief system you have, you will most likely be incredibly idealistic. You will need to cultivate skills of discernment and being able to pierce through illusions, as your beautiful gifts for fantasy can at times unfortunately lead you to be involved with someone who is not truly available. You connect on a deep level with others, seeing their best and their potential rather than an accurate assessment of their true motivations and present reality. Your compassionate gifts can be put to service in many fields, from the creative arts to the counseling realm, and anywhere in which you can be creative and caring. You can give yourself away at times within relationships with a tendency to dissolve your identity when relating with those you identify and merge with. You will need to develop skills in creating healthy boundaries for yourself with others so you can maintain your autonomy and independence.

Moon Conjunct Neptune Transit

On the day the transiting moon forms a conjunction with your natal Neptune, you will be best served by setting time and space aside to relax, fantasize, and luxuriate within your senses. You will have difficulty doing any monotonous work today unless you are able to engage with the work meditatively. If you have deadlines or certain places you must arrive on time, you will need to put extra focus managing your time to make sure you do not run late. You may have powerful dreams today or be able to receive important messages from signs and synchronicities in your environment. This can be a productive day to access your imagination for creative work in any realm, from the musical to the culinary. You can more easily than normal dissolve into a fictional story such as watching a movie or reading a book, having a powerful emotional experience in the process.

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