Moon Square Mercury

Moon Square Mercury Natal

Being born with Mercury in a square aspect with the moon gives you an active mind passionate about learning as much as possible about the subject matter you are interested in and identify with. At times, you can become consumed by certain interests at the exclusion of others and can have difficulty engaging with information you lack emotional investment in. You are someone who needs to process your emotions verbally as well as process information through forming an emotional relationship with it. However, when you become excessively emotional, you can have a difficult time focusing on clarity. When you notice your irrational side is overriding your ability to reason effectively, you will need to find methods that help you refocus your mind on whatever task you need to manage as part of your daily responsibilities. You have an affinity for becoming aware of unconscious material through dreams or other mediums, and so it will be helpful to develop skills in working with unconscious content.

Moon Square Mercury Transit

When the transiting moon forms a square aspect with your natal Mercury, you are more likely to experience a sudden shift in perspective. The source of the change in your outlook can come from many places, such as in conversation or in engaging with various media forms such as reading a book, watching a film, or listening to music. Wherever the impetus for change comes from, there will be an emotional dynamic at its root that you identify or empathize with. In case you have overwhelming emotions triggered today, you will have a difficult time processing information and managing the communicative aspects of your daily responsibilities. As a result, you will benefit from having coping strategies ready to utilize in helping you calm down enough to refocus on taking care of whatever needs to be done. You may also experience a powerful dream or have unconscious material enter your awareness through another access point that leads you to consider your present circumstances differently.

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