Uranus Conjunct Uranus

Uranus Conjunct Uranus Transit

A Uranus conjunct Uranus transit (or "Uranus return") only happens between your 83rd or 84th year of life and is often close to your seventh Jupiter return (see Jupiter conjunct Jupiter). You're likely completing a cycle of being and at the brink of the beginning of another. You have probably fulfilled much of the life course and additional responsibilities set for you, and now you can create the next round, regardless of how many years you have ahead of you. You're also better able to witness how your individuality and uniqueness are woven into the tapestry of those around you, whether through your children, grandchildren, or the institutions you've helped to build or service you've given. This can feel immensely gratifying if you've been attentive and intentional, especially in the last forty-two years. (See Transiting Uranus opposite Uranus). If you didn't have a turnabout moment then, don’t despair. You can direct more of your attention inward, rather than outward, to perceive your own essence rather than seek its reflection externally. Now, more than never, it's better to see yourself clearly.