Uranus Square Ascendant

Uranus Square Ascendant Natal

If you have Uranus square ascendant, you're probably inspired to plant your own roots, set your own sense of destiny, or do both to establish your identity. You perhaps are more attentive to roots since yours were uprooted at an early age, either by moving or drastic changes in the lives of your parents. Or it's plausible that you’re placed on an expected trajectory that just doesn't match who you are and what you want, and you're determined to define who you'll be in your community or society for yourself. The net result is still a burning desire to plant yourself firmly so that you can reach as high as you wish. You are more inclined to be what many term a self-made person. One downside of this path is that you create so much of yourself that you have trouble feeling anchored by anything that seems to be a draw and comfort zone for others.

Uranus Square Ascendant Transit

Uranus square ascendant is likely to make you feel uprooted on the domestic or career front, perhaps even both simultaneously. If it's more at home, then it's possible you must move or make some important changes in your living situation. You needn't fear the worse, if you have a stable home and family environment. You can be proactive and make necessary changes, like remodeling the kitchen or adding an extra room. Yet, if re-arrangements are not desirable, then accept them sooner than later since your resistance will probably make everything harder. Acceptance doesn't mean surrendering your will, though. It means that you act in your best interest as quickly as possible with the facts at hand, not necessarily fighting what's surfaced. If you're contending with sudden developments in your career, then it's also better to roll with the punches. But change how you fight to stay “in the game.” If there are attempts to fire you, for instance, evaluate whether your current position empowers the use of your talents or diminishes them.

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