Uranus Trine Mercury

Uranus Trine Mercury Natal

Your insight can peer sharp and fast into the past and future. That doesn't make you a fortune teller, but it will likely help others to see you as an excellent conversationalist and a visionary. You can communicate quirkiness without making it sound so strange and foreign that it's scary. Likewise, you will often be able to keep a reasonable mindset to hear multiple sides of an issue. You perhaps mainly do this because you value independent, critical thinking rather than just going along to get along. You're all for differing opinions, but you emphasize clear and respectful communication and innovation. But when someone has a closed mindset, being open can only go so far before you must take a stand. Avoid gliding over that barricade with quick and glib responses rather than addressing directly this real resistance to your way of thinking.

Uranus Trine Mercury Transit

You just get it, and perhaps there are a lot of things you get now that once eluded your understanding or perception before. You're experiencing more a loosening of your mind, though it might seem at times that you're losing your mind. But enjoy more the ease you have in embracing new kinds of people, things, and even places. Trust what seems to flow through you rather than anguishing about how it might affect this person or that thing. Forgive yourself for not remembering to enjoy the ideas and conversations that you love to have. Of course, some people will not respond positively to shifts in your thinking or ways of communicating. Don't ignore them or yourself. Be open to standing for the expression of your thoughts without feeling the need to fight against anyone for it. Discuss, since a discussion will only become an argument when both sides are more interested in being right rather than understanding each other.

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