Uranus Conjunct Jupiter

Uranus Conjunct Jupiter Natal

You easily could be voted "most likely to meet an alien" or you might ask the most spectacularly weird (yet thought-provoking) questions—all thanks to Uranus conjunct Jupiter in your natal chart. And it would probably be an honor for you. The stranger, the more glorious. It's not that you must go looking for these unusual things, you just naturally venture out of the box with your thinking like breathing. This also often opens vistas and possibilities that others never notice or avoid. For this, you could be considered lucky. But it's truly not luck, it's a reminder that growth favors the bold and the adaptable. If you come to believe that you're more fortunate than others, then you'll lose sight of your most special gift: The ability to see the uniqueness in everyone. That's the true path toward anyone's "luckiness" or fortune.

Uranus Conjunct Jupiter Transit

With Uranus conjunct Jupiter, a surprising event or turn of events alters the normal workings of your life. It's likely you won't feel unsettled by it and can deem it good, like a sudden windfall or a long-anticipated victory. But what might be most mind-blowing and unexpected about it is how it opens your eyes to possibilities to which you had been blinded. This might prompt you to rush off in multiple directions at once to make the most of your good fortune. You possibly want even more freedom from all life restraints. Likewise, you perhaps have a strong desire to free others from prohibitive and inhibitive thinking, either through original ideas of your own, or radical ideas you take in from elsewhere. Yet, remember that the first honor of seeing the world with new eyes should be with gratitude. Next, patience will help you see, even better and deeper, the changes that will take longer to materialize.

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