Uranus opposite Jupiter

Uranus Opposite Jupiter Natal

You're likely to be, for many, “the one who got away.” This isn't only for romantic relationships, but also in other personal and professional connections, too. You likely have a unique way of inspiring others toward engaging innovation and exploration, from ideas to technology, to various ways of approaching life and love, in general. For others, you might always seem free. Yet, you must be careful not to conclude that your ability to wing your adventures and life will work for everyone. You can inadvertently preach a “gospel of infinite possibility” that's ultimately hard for others to live out. Some will call you out on that and challenge you. Other times, it might be life itself that shows you when you mistake your unique circumstance for more than what they are, and you overshoot your “luck.” It was never luck in the first place. And you don't need to own it egotistically as your own magic. That’s instead your ability to be prepared with a positive mindset for opportunities you expect and seek.

Uranus Opposite Jupiter Transit

You catch what seems like a “lucky break” with a situation that's been filling you with dread and anxiety. But what's happening with you isn't wholly random, and it's also not unilaterally positive if you're inattentive. You can easily “sell” more than you should, or circumstances can cash, like spending money based more on your hopes or wishes than any documented fact. Similarly, you might take more liberties than you should prudently. Do take more calculated risks than you normally would take. But it's still good to know the full dimensions of your circumstances rather than winging it from what you feel or hope is true. Similarly, you must be attentive and have understanding for the people in your life who are having trouble adjusting to the volume of changes in your life or who aren't adapting as well to mutually experienced transformations that are going well for you.

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