Uranus Sextile Ascendant

Uranus Sextile Ascendant Natal

Your friends, colleagues, neighbors, or siblings will help you make important changes in your life. With Uranus sextile your ascendant, you inspire these same folks to adopt new trends or technologies into their lives. In general, you'll probably engage in a reciprocating number of relationships that direct you to freshen up your life, environment, family connections, or community. But if you're doing more of the suggesting and adopting, you're going to be bored with those closest to you and look for people with more mutual interests. Yet, you're still not ready to change everything and everyone out in your life. Similarly, networking with newer people won't stop some of the dissonances you feel with familiar people and situations. So, it would be best if you gently continued to nudge others forward. You don't need to do any “hard selling” since you have options.

Uranus Sextile Ascendant Transit

When a Uranus sextile ascendant transit happens, you or your family might have been the earliest adopters of a fledgling technology or trend. It's also possible that you have perks from siblings who were exposed to cutting edge products and fads, too. The long-term benefit of this is that you will likely come to see yourself as a person who's slightly ahead of the curve. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, and siblings might see you the same way. Of course, you'll quickly find others who can share in the delights of those new customs and items since you're usually open and encouraging with them. You're often someone who feels that the world improves when there are teamwork and cooperation involved. Yet, you can become easily discouraged or distracted if others close to you put up some resistance to your attempts at innovation or novelty. You don't mind dipping your toes in fresh waters, but you don't like to end up the one all wet and isolated from others.

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