Uranus Sextile Moon

Uranus Sextile Moon Natal

You probably grew up in a lively and energizing home, family, or environment—thanks to Uranus sextile moon. You might have also developed high emotional intelligence because you were exposed to a diverse range of people and situations that prompted you to sort things out creatively. You probably have a higher tolerance for debate and cordial tensions than many people. You also enjoy thrilling conversations and trying new foods as well as creature comforts. And you're inclined to express your quirkiness in your home decor or even the choice for your house and living. For instance, you might live in a neighborhood or setting that's very different from your origins. You not only like collecting interesting artifacts and knick-knacks, you equally enjoy shocking people and getting them to appreciate the world's variety. You sometimes struggle to reconcile friends and loved ones with aspects of your unconventional lifestyle. When this happens, talk to them about your feelings and far-out ideas and feelings. As repressing them when you fear to express them won't make them go away.

Uranus Sextile Moon Transit

With Uranus sextile moon in transit, you're now prone to experience revitalizing efforts in your emotional and domestic life. You might experience an insight, event, or even a person who gently gets you to think differently about how you experience comfort, nurturing, and security. You could even perhaps take more risks, especially with where or how you live, like frequenting scoping out a neighborhood or even city that you wouldn't have considered months ago. Similarly, you possibly want to be creative or more expressive with either your home decor or your life, in general. You want to stimulate and be stimulated. Suddenly, there are possibilities and you're game for exploring as many of them as time and budget allow. You might also draw new people and situations in your orbit, especially those who trigger warm, congenial feelings, whether just for friendship or romantic prospects. If romantic, then keep in mind that you're exploring new emotional expressions. You're most likely less interested in being snared, at least initially.

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