Uranus Square Mars

Uranus Square Mars Natal

With Uranus square Mars, you strive to accomplish extraordinary things, if mainly because you see yourself as out of the ordinary. Humdrum probably gives you anxiety. That goes for routines, activities, and people. If there's no consistent risk or thrill in it, then you likely aren't interested in doing it. But you do want something beyond the excitement, though. You want to break through barriers to inspire others to do the same with their own interests. You feel too many are content living in boxes, mostly of their own making, than breaking out of them. This motivates you to push harder, and maybe to take foolish risks, especially with speed. Indeed, “You Only Live Once” is true for many. But you also can't live everything all at once, usually, without crashing. If you're going to smash constraints, then be sure you're following your heart, not daring to jump-start and startle the hearts of others.

Uranus Square Mars Transit

Thanks to Uranus square Mars, you're up for breaking barriers that perhaps have long been in your way. You're likely not going to be fond of anyone or anything that restrains or bars you in any way. You might even surprise yourself with how quickly you buck and chuck anything or anyone who resists you now. In fact, you will have to mind how fast you try to do anything, especially drive or commute. You're probably more accident-prone than usual because you're not only trying to get where you must go. But you're also trying to prove yourself in some way. There's less you need to prove and more that you must do. Focus more on how you can experiment and create a smooth flow between your target goals and how to get there. Otherwise, you'll distract yourself with senseless rushing and fighting that throws you off your key purpose and tasks.

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