Uranus opposite Mars

Uranus Opposite Mars Natal

You're frequently primed to defend your turf from someone trying to encroach on your independence or self-definition. Or you're equally ready to hurl yourself into a risky situation because it's when you feel your freest and most alive. The unifying theme between these two extremes is the strong need to be free. There has probably been a solid reason for either reaction in your life. It's quite possible, in your childhood, that you had a fragile hold on your independence and freedom. But as you've matured, you have gotten stronger and more skilled in maintaining your own sense of self-sufficiency. You are the only person you must convince that you have it, and you once you've done that, you won't have to prove it—you only need to know it’s yours to lose or keep. Once you accomplish that level of self-possession, you can rightly advocate, fight, and build freedom more on your own terms.

Uranus Opposite Mars Transit

You're inclined to live free or risk everything trying to figure out how. And it's also entirely possible that you're not sure how to define freedom. You mostly want to be uninhibited by a current situation that's frustrated you for too long. So, you're more given to rebelling than securing your own freedom, though those, at first, might seem the same thing. One important difference is freedom might be best defined as the ability to stay the course you've intended for yourself. This minimizes the need for taking senseless risks because you'll only take the hazards that you must to achieve your desired goals. Similarly, you rebel more as a secondary action. You're less focused on people and things as obstacles and more on whatever or whoever assists or inhibits your progress. Your primary mission is to break new ground, not all your relationships or yourself.

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