Uranus Square Pluto

Uranus Square Pluto Natal

The Uranus square Pluto configuration will mostly be true for those born in the early 1930s and between 2012-2015 because of the slower moving nature of these two planets. Each period contended with the undercurrent of dramatic power shifts around the world that pushed a consolidation of power in the hands of fewer and fewer people. This likely affects a sense of how you have your own sense of power and financial control, and this depends on your upbringing and the economic and environmental conditions of where you grew up. If you grew up relatively affluent and powerful, then you likely have some inherent stress and even fear about how long you will enjoy your power and wealth. On the other hand, if you grew up in extremely impoverished conditions, you will likely have to shake the mindset that you're only being used by those who are more powerful. It's best to seek out ways where more can share power without thinking there must be winners and losers.

Uranus Square Pluto Transit

You're not alone if you have Uranus square Pluto in your natal chart. Everyone born at the same time as you within a three-year time span is going through this transit, too. That’s perhaps a small comfort, but there can be relief and consolation in numbers now. Yet, other factors are at play, too. For instance, if your background or current profile places you more in a marginalized group by gender, race, or socio-economic status, then you likely feel agitated to war against your disenfranchisement from more privileged members of your society. This might mean protesting or dramatically shifting your mindset or past political orientation. You might be inclined to do the same, minus demonstrating in the street, if you come from a more privileged background. You fear that your hard-earned gains or those of your family are threatened by forces beyond your control or those not deserving of power. But power has a fluidity in its currency, and the real test of this transit is to get back to that liquidity rather than allow it to become rigid between the have-nots and the haves.

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