Uranus Conjunct Venus

Uranus Conjunct Venus Natal

With Uranus conjunct Venus, you're prone to have very different aesthetic and culinary tastes from those around you, especially your family. For instance, if your family prefers the cuisine of their culture, you'll possibly like another culture's food just as much, if not more. It's not out of spite or for the sheer sake of rebellion, although it might seem that way to your family and even to you occasionally. It's more about you being delighted by what surprises you. The shock value is an added plus because you hope that you'll find others who share your flavor for the unusual. This might also lead you to have strange romantic experiences, as well. You either have partners who go just as quickly as they come in your life. Or you're easily bored with them and change out fast. Ultimately, you're seeking someone who's as free with their affections and interests as you. Yet, you can find a way to stay together because you're freely seeking new experiences together.

Uranus Conjunct Venus Transit

The Uranus conjunct Venus transit suggests that you must change up things in your love life, whether by design or someone else's mandate. If by design and you're attached, then the demands of this transit can be met with doing something simple and pleasurable together as taking a trip to an exotic and unfamiliar locale or exploring all the positions of the Kama Sutra. At the very least, you're introducing variety and novelty into your daily lives. Yet, if injecting new experiences won't be enough to a tired old connection, then more drastic measures might be needed like separating or changing the complete structure of your relationship, depending on whether you've been monogamous or polyamorous. If you're single, then now is a time to explore your options against type, as well as exploring new places and things that open your pleasure zones and feelings of freedom. You might indeed meet significant love interests when you do, but that will likely be more of a bonus than the entire prize.

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