Uranus Square Jupiter

Uranus Square Jupiter Natal

If you have Uranus square Jupiter in your natal chart, you likely will embark on journeys of mind and body that will take you far from your origins or family's beliefs and approaches. Some measure of your path will be set by exposure to people or situations that prompt you to look at life differently. But as you mature, you will purposely seek what's different and unique. Yet, you're not content to keep your insights and lessons to yourself. You also want to share the fortunes of your knowledge and experience with others. You probably don't realize that you're more forceful than persuasive, more dogmatic than enlightening. There's little doubt that your intentions for innovation and change are noble. But everyone's entitled to life, on their terms also. You must be willing to let them live it, regardless of their relationship to you, and even if you believe you know and can see a better way for them.

Uranus Square Jupiter Transit

With a Uranus square Jupiter transit, an unexpected person or event “crashes” into your life that might temporarily turn your life upside down. Like a bolt of lightning across your mind, your eyes are opened to possibilities and opportunities that now seem obvious. At least to you. But others likely will need convincing and you perhaps experience tension with others about pursuing your idea of freedom. Yet, it won't be entirely clear to you or others who's definitively correct. So, it's fine to proceed but do so with due consideration. You're not inclined, for instance, to think about how pursuing an opportunity that appears out of the blue could affect your family or others who depend on you, for example. It probably makes more sense to pursue it if you've long felt constrained by your current situation and had been mainly waiting for an open door. But if you're more curious about whether the grass, already green, is greener on the other side, then be sure your expectations aren’t only puffed up by hot air.

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